Audio guide - BANKSY Exhibition Hong Kong

Audio guide

Free exhibition audio guide

To get the most out of your exhibition experience, may we suggest that you use our FREE AUDIO GUIDE, which was created as a result of more than a year of research. We hope that, with the help of our audio guide, you will be able to judge for yourself: is Banksy a genius, or just a vandal?

How to Download

Please download an application called: to your phone, using AppStore, Google Market or Microsoft Store, or simply point your phone’s camera at this QR code:

You will be offered to open the audio guide in the browser. Now you can proceed in the browser, or download the app, which we recommend.

We also encourage you to download all the audio guide to your phone before your visit to the Exhibition – in this case you wouldn’t need to waste time downloading big files. To do so, push “download” (NOTE: once you download the app, scan the QR code again to go to our exhibition).

At the Exhibition

When you are inside of the Exhibition, please check for the labels of each artwork and information stands, which contain number of the exhibit in the audio guide. Simply input the number and enjoy the story. You can listen to the story, or read it.

Some of the exhibits have additional features: photos or videos. If you see that there is a series of photos attached to the exhibit, please tap on the main photo of the exhibit and browse images.

We strongly recommend that you bring your set of earphones to have a more comfortable experience of the exhibition.